Our Upcoming Courses

We offer courses both online and onsite- if you would like to schedule a workshop at your location please contact us at 404-556-9504.

Upcoming Courses

  1. Emotional Guidance System- We’ll review the Emotional Guidance System and how to use redirection throughout your day. We’ll discuss identifying emotional awareness and ways to improve your emotional intelligence. 
  2. Communication Skills- We will share ways to create healthy and sustainable relationships by providing you with tools and techniques to guide you to improved communication skills. 
  3. Digital Health- We will share ways to use social media, texting, blogs, email, and everything online in a positive or neutral way without becoming overwhelmed or overstimulated by it. 
  4. Emotional Literacy Training- We’ll review the Rescuer-Victim-Persecutor cycle that is essential to emotional literacy training. We'll cover what each role is and how to break the cycle.
  5. Natural Relaxation Techniques- We will cover how to tap into the power of listening to your own body's needs and learn ways to relax naturally without the use of harmful substances or medications. 
  6. Mindful Eating- We will share the benefits of becoming a mindful eater and provide practical tips that will help you embrace this healthy eating practice.