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DeVon Hunt

Coach, Writer, & Researcher

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My Background

Hello friends!

I have been passionate about psychology and education for over 15 years. My interests are brain health, emotional intelligence, and transpersonal psychology. The great news is that anyone can improve their Emotional Intelligence (also known as EI or EQ) skills throughout their lifetime. 

As an Emotional Health Coach, I work with those ready for change. Keep in mind that coaching is different than therapy. Coaching looks toward the future, while therapy often looks toward the past. Coaches do not diagnose; mental health professionals do.

Coaches identify current behavior and thought patterns in their clients, and ask questions to help their clients change those patterns and move forward.

On the other hand, counselors and other mental health professionals often look to diagnose their clients with conditions that explain why they behave a certain way. 

If you want to work on present issues and get the support to break through your limiting beliefs, then coaching may be right for you. If you would like to see if we might be a good fit to work together click here: 10 minute free consultation

In addition to coaching, I do research & writing in the areas of psychology, emotional literacy, and spirituality.

Degrees & Certifications

Ed.D. Leadership - (Dissertation Stage)

M.A. Organizational Behavior & Management

B.S. Psychology - Biology Minor

Certified Brain Health Coach- Amen Clinics

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You can reach DeVon at 317-800-8288 or

After working with DeVon I feel more confident in my life decisions. I feel focused on my goals and the steps I am going to take to achieve them.
— Patrick W.