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DeVon Hunt

Emotional Literacy Educator

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My Background

Hello friends!  I am a lifelong learner myself which fuels my passion for working with people of all ages and education levels. 

I've been passionate about psychology and education for over 20 years. My personal belief is that a lot of turmoil we see today stems from our lack of emotional management skills and the inability to manage our own thoughts, emotions, and choices. The great news is that research has shown that while your IQ generally will not change, everyone can improve their Emotional Intelligence (also known as EI or EQ) skills. 

I'm very excited to teach others how to understand their emotions and how to use communication techniques effectively. This gives people confidence, balance, focus, and hope for the future- which creates more happiness! 

Degrees & Certifications

Ed.D. Higher Education Leadership - Argosy University (Dissertation Stage)

M.A. Organizational Management - University of Phoenix

B.S. Psychology - Indiana University, Bloomington

Independent Educational Consultant - Independent Educational Consultants Association

After working with DeVon I feel more confident in my life decisions. I feel focused on my goals and the steps I am going to take to achieve them.
— Patrick W.