Why Do Emotions Exist?

I challenge you to ask any psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist a very simple question: Why do emotions exist?

I bet you will get a variety of answers if you get a definitive answer at all. This basic question was barely covered in my undergraduate psychology program, but thoughts and emotions are the basis of all human behavior. As Dr. Daniel Amen says, a psychiatrist is the only medical doctor that does not examine the organ they treat- the human brain. How many people with ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. do you know on medication, but have never once had a brain scan done?

So if thoughts and emotions are the foundation of behavior then why aren't we asking why they exist? We know that both humans and animals have emotions and we spend a lot of time understanding animal instincts and emotions, yet remain very undecided about our own.

I've read about this topic for many years and while we are starting to understand the human brain, we are just beginning this research. I am personally a supporter of the work of Abraham-Hicks on the topic of emotions and I highly recommend the book, Power of Emotions.

According to Abraham-Hicks, our emotions exist as our personal Emotional Guidance System (EGS) to guide us to both our own alignment and manifesting what we want in life. Negative emotion exists when your thoughts are out of alignment with your authentic/true self (loving, peaceful, grateful, happy) and positive emotion exists when you are in alignment. Emotions also exist to show you whether you are manifesting something you want or do not want in your life. Emotions such as fear/guilt/shame are lower vibrations and out of alignment with who you really are- which is why they feel bad. You can stairstep yourself up into higher vibrations by reaching for better-feeling thoughts about yourself and others. As you keep raising your vibration, you will attract more positive thoughts and more positive things will manifest in your life.

I often hear men say things like "he's so emotional" or "she's just being emotional" because they do not understand what emotions are or why they exist. Everyone has emotions and is emotional on a daily basis because it's an essential part of being human. When you say someone is "emotional" it's like saying "they're breathing" or "that person's heart is beating." We're simply lacking an understanding of our emotions & the inability to communicate them. Because men have been conditioned to stifle emotions or not to communicate them at all- they miss out on using their own internal EGS to guide them towards a life of peace and happiness. Women also misunderstand their emotions by lumping them all in one place by saying "I'm a mess" or "I'm a b*tch" and pretending not to have any. We ALL have emotions, we've just never been taught how to use them in a way that helps us instead of harming us. 

So let me share some insight of how to use your emotions and your EGS to guide you towards your natural state of happiness. First, understand that thoughts are energy and your thoughts give rise to your emotions. As Wayne Dyer said, "Thoughts are your currency so don't use your money to buy stuff you don't want. Just as you wouldn't buy a bunch of stuff you don't want and put it in your house, don't fill your head with thoughts that don't feel good to you."

You are the awareness behind your thoughts and emotions so when you experience an emotion you like (gratitude, satisfaction, happiness. love, appreciation, etc.) sit with it a moment and enjoy how good it feels. Do this as often as possible to keep your vibration in a good-feeling place.

When you experience negative emotion, pause and reflect on what this could be telling you, teaching you, or guiding you away from. Contrast exists so we can observe people, places, things, and experiences we do NOT want and move in a different direction. Don't try to squash, stifle, or pretend negative emotions do not exist- see them for what they are: an indicator.

Nobody can think your thoughts for you; therefore, you are the only person who creates your own emotional state based on your thoughts. In the words of Abraham-Hicks say to yourself daily, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good today." Then keep redirecting your thoughts to those that feel good to you. You are meant to live a joyful and abundant life and you can use your EGS to guide you towards what you want to create, manifest, and enjoy. Allow your negative emotions to be the catalyst to move you in a different direction that will serve you, not stifle you.

Emotions are a REALLY good thing and the more you are aware of how you are feeling, the more you can begin to put the Law of Attraction to work in your life to build the joyful life your Inner being already knows it came here to create.

Peace and love my friends,