Your Emotional Guidance System

Here in the West we are conditioned to believe that intellectualism is better than being emotional. By emotional, I mean someone who experiences a myriad of emotions or someone who is unable to control their emotions. We are taught to believe that rational thought is more sound than responding to emotions and our strongest leaders are those who show little to no emotion in any situation.  

What if I told you that this is where we've gone off the rails in terms of our own self-guidance? As you know, every part of our brain exists to serve a purpose and the most useful of these is our emotions. In order to understand why emotions exist, you must first understand who you really are. Regardless of your religious beliefs (or lack of) you are still an eternal soul housed in a human body for an average time span of around 80 years. You came here to create, expand, experience life, and grow. Your Emotional Guidance System was put into place so you will know when you are manifesting or attracting something you do want versus something you don't want to experience. 

Here in the United States, we are heavily conditioned to follow the same life path: go to school, go to college, get a good job, get married, buy a house, have kids, sacrifice all of your personal interests to serve those kids, then retire and do light traveling. Anyone who doesn't follow this life path is considered a rebel, outcast, or maverick and people try to analyze them to find out 'what went wrong' in their upbringing. People try to decide whether society, the parents, or some traumatic event should be blamed for their lack of conformity. 

This is also another place where we've forgotten who we Really are. We are not our parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other relative for that matter. This is why you will find so much diversity and differening perspectives amongst siblings. Yes, we inherit our physical features and some cell memory from our parents, but we also have our own individualized thoughts and journeys in this experience called life.  

Your Emotional Guidance System is your own personal navigation system to guide you to creating the experiences you do and don't want in this lifetime. When you are experiencing negative emotions (fear, anger, guilt, shame, regret) you are out of alignment with who you Really are. When you are experiencing positive emotions (happiness, appreciation, gratitude, love, etc.) you are in alignment with who you Really are. We are all vibrational beings and the laws of the Universe are just responding to the vibrations we are emitting. Most people offer vibrations in response to what they are observing in their experience instead of being proactive and offering up a better feeling vibration then allowing the Universe to bring more of those positive feelings and experiences.

Here's an example: You wake up and your first thoughts are the things you need to get done today, followed by dreading a long commute to work, then thinking about all of the annoying co-workers or boss you might have, then figuring out after school activities for children, what is for dinner, what bills you have to pay, etc. Trust me, I know because I spent years in those same thought patterns. I also got to the point of asking myself "There's got to be more to life than just paying bills and dying." That is when I discovered Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks who showed me how to use my Emotional Guidance System to feel my way through manifesting the life that I want.  

Now, instead of waking up to all of the dreaded to-do's or thinking of all the people who annoyed me the previous day, I start my day reaching for better feeling thoughts. As Abraham says, start every day with "nothing is more important than that I feel good today" and continuously reach for better feeling thoughts. Upon waking, the first thing I do is get myself feeling appreciation, even for the small things. I appreciate my comfortable blanket, the smell of freshly washed sheets, morning doggy kisses, and many other small things that bring me joy. Then I allow some thoughts of things I want to get done for the day, but I've tremendously reduced my to-do list and I no longer beat myself up for not getting everything done. Busyness truly is an addiction that we've been taught to believe makes us useful people, and it is absolutely a myth. Overextending ourselves and saying yes to too many things is what is stressing us out unnecessarily. The happiest people you will meet know how to slow down, savor life, and live in the moment. The past is just memories and the future does not exist. Today is what matters. The ideal place to be is grateful for what you have today, while creating and manifesting things you want in the future. 

So as you go about your day, you don't need to constantly monitor your thoughts (that would be exhausting), but you should stay aware of how you feel. If you are feeling negative than reach for better feeling thoughts and keep practicing this to move yourself up the Emotional Guidance scale (see diagram). As you get yourself into better feeling thoughts, you will attract more of the same. Abraham states that it only takes 17 seconds to have a good feeling thought that attracts more. I can personally say that the daily practice of gratitude and appreciation for myself and others has completely changed my life for the better. Wayne Dyer's books taught me how to find inner peace and Abraham-Hicks has taught me how to manifest the things and the life that makes me happy. 

You don't have to follow the life path you've been conditioned to believe will make you happy if that is not what you want. This is YOUR life and only you can think your thoughts and know how you're feeling. The more you get to know the Real you, the more you will get on the path of creating and experience the things that bring you joy. Trust your inner guidance system (Emotional Guidance System) and never forget how loved you truly are. You are a creator. Those creative thoughts help you decide what you do and don't want and your EGS guides you to what feels right for you. 

May you find the joy and happiness that is always available to you if you just allow it. 


Peace and love,